How to Succeed with Travel Blogs if You’re a Photographer


Out of all possible fields, that you can start your blogging and photography career at, one of the most interesting seems to be traveling. It is especially tempting if you already have experience in the photography field.

Getting recognition and money for visiting different places; doesn’t that sound like a dream job? But things are not that simple, my friend.

The travel blogging field is highly competitive and requires lots of dedication. If you are not afraid of challenges, here’s how to succeed with travel blogs if you are a photographer.

How to Succeed with Travel Blogs if You're a Photographer

Think of places you want to visit

Travel blogging does not give you a strict career path that you must follow. From the very beginning, you are free to choose your own destinations. When you only start out as a blogger, it is crucial that you are truly passionate about what you do. So do not hesitate to go to places that you always dreamt of visiting.

It is always noticeable when you are obsessed with content that you post. Try to avoid places that have already been visited and discussed by others a bazillion times. Or you could show those places from an unexpected point of view. Whatever pops into your head. Just be creative at choosing your destinations.

Before you go anywhere, you must set a list of necessary things that you want to take with you. There will not be a shop for photographers at most places, so you have to take everything that you might need with you.

Find ‘your thing

As we already mentioned, this field is very competitive, so to stand out from the crowd you will have to surprise your audience with something new. Experiment with styles and approaches while you are making your photos. Make your style recognizable, this will attract more followers in the future. Remember, you being a pro at photography gives you the advantage.

Another thing you could do is to find yourself a traveling buddy. Put some creativity into that as well, let it be a dog or a guinea pig – that would give you an enormous boost on the social media. Because let’s be honest, everyone loves animals. Combine that with awesome pictures and your successful travel blog is ready.

How to Succeed with Travel Blogs if You're a Photographer

Master your skills

If you are just starting out as a photographer, it is a ‘must’ for you to practice every day and polish your skills. ‘There is not a single person in the world that can say ‘that is it, I know everything about this job’, so there is always a room for improvement’ says the CEO of Top Writers Review.

You should also remember to retouch your photos; it is quite rare that a picture does not need that. Use Photoshop or Lightroom, whatever works best for you. But do not make it too obvious. In any case, you have to show your skill as a photographer, not a retoucher.

Ensure strong online presence for yourself

If you really want to make it in the blogging world, you have to be consistent with your publications. There is no such thing as being active for one week straight and then taking a break for a month. This is the first rule. The second rule is that you have to be active online besides posting your pictures.

Talk to your followers, comment on other people’s pictures. This will allow you to find people with similar interests and build professional connections. Who knows, maybe later you will be able to travel together. Professional collaborations are a popular thing nowadays. That would allow you to share audiences with your friends and gain new followers. Sounds like a win for everybody, doesn’t it?

Check out successful blogs

Travel blogging is highly competitive so you have to be among the very best if you want to be noticed. This means you have to learn from those, who already reached their popularity in this field. There is no shame in checking out more successful travel bloggers and taking notes from them.

What you have to do though is learning, not copying their content or ideas. At least this way you will realize how you do not want your blog to look like. Why make your own mistakes when you can learn from others?

Dedicate time to written content

Even though there are many really awesome travel bloggers, not all of them pay attention to the text part of their blogs, concentrating more on the visuals. That is not the approach you want to follow. By publishing quality content, written as well as visual, you can attract lot more followers to your blog. Consider this just another form of self-expression.

Find sponsors

At this point let’s imagine that your blog has lots of followers, you publish quality pictures and write creative descriptions to them. Why not take this whole thing to the next level? Right now, we are talking about being paid for your hobby. There are many opportunities for travel bloggers to make real money out of their passion. You could collaborate up with one of your local travel companies.

For example, they could give you a discount on one of their tours in exchange for quality photos from you. Another idea would be to collaborate with stock photo sites. As you can see, there are many chances for blogging travel photographers to earn some money.


It is really hard to ‘make it’ in the blogging field right now. But with just the right amount of skill and dedication you might get your chance. Just remember that it is important that you are creative and unique. That is just as crucial as the high quality of your content.